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Koneviesti is the leading technical magazine for contractors working with farming and heavy machinery. Koneviesti has 32 000 subscribers. According an official reader survey (KMT S2012/K2013) we have

186 000 readers, which is a remarkable share of our total 5.2 mil population.

Our strong position in Finnish media has been earned with hard work since 1952, when Koneviesti was established.

Our typical reader lives in the countryside and works as a contractor, farmer or in sales and service. He or she (16 % of our readers are female) is interested in new technology and practical information, which helps our readers in their daily tasks.

We make annually 18 copies of Koneviesti. Average size of an issue is 122 pages, which is divided in various sections. Our main topics are: all kind of tractors, “yellow line” machinery (excavators etc.), forestry equipment, farming machinery, ATVs, pickups and vans, buildings, livestock equipment, service and maintenance.

Bioenergy is booming also in Finland. Koneviesti has 4 special numbers annually, in which there are 42 theme pages of chippers, biofuels, heating with firewood, peat and pellets etc.

Once a year we have a special issue of vintage and classic tractors and other historical vehicles.

Koneviesti carries out practical tests of machinery and equipment. A lot of tests are made in co-operation with an independent technical institute.

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