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The magazine is a market leader in the dissemination of agricultural information and has been in circulation since September 2010. It is an informative, educative and inspiring publication of the agricultural industry. It is an authority on farmers’ issues, their authentic voice and a means through which stakeholders receive and disseminate information.

For the past three-and-a-half years Smart Farmer Magazine has touched many lives and helped to change the negative traditional perception towards agriculture. The magazine has played a leading role in nurturing the growing interest in agribusiness, especially by youth and other media in Kenya.

The aim of publishing Smart Farmer is to inform, educate and inspire farmers and stakeholders. We want to raise the level of agriculture from subsistence to successful agribusinesses, where smart farming is practised and income levels and attitudes improved.

We are on a mission to empower the farmer economically, boost food security, and provide linkages to markets, finance, inputs and stakeholders, by providing vital information.

Our vision is to see a Kenya where agriculture is highly developed, where due to smart farming and agribusiness, poverty, joblessness, hunger and starvation become a thing of the past.

We endeavour to keep our readers abreast with information on the best farming practices, farm management for maximum production and turning their farms into agribusinesses. We deal with how to grow crops and keep their animals to get maximum returns.

We give vital leads on new technologies in the sector and news on events and other happenings. Our stories are told in a simple, interesting and captivating manner so that they are easy to understand.

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