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The Livestock Conservancy

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A nonprofit founded in 1977, The Livestock Conservancy is the leading organization in the United States working to protect nearly 200 breeds of livestock and poultry from extinction. Just like there are heirloom seeds that need saving, the Conservancy works to protect heritage breeds – for the security of our agricultural system.

The Livestock Conservancy's work is more critical than ever and helps to:
  • protect our food systems by keeping alternative livestock and poultry genetic resources secure;
  • ensure the availability of broad genetic diversity for the continued evolution of agriculture;
  • conserve valuable genetic traits such as disease resistance, survival, self-sufficiency, fertility, longevity, foraging ability, maternal instincts;
  • preserve our heritage, history, and culture;
  • maintain breeds of animals that are well-suited for sustainable, grass-based and organic systems; and
  • give small family farms raising heritage breeds a competitive edge.
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