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Delta for media and publishing (Shams Media) is a specialized media establishment that works on providing information and modern techniques related to different fields, it publishes the following:

1-Shams Magazine: it is an Arab scientific agricultural magazine comes out every month in both Arabic and English, and it distributes about 22657 copies locally and internationally.

2- Feed& Fish Magazine is issued by Shams Media and Publishing Est. (since 1998). Fish & Feed Magazine is a quarterly magazine published in Arabic and English concerned with Fisheries, Aquaculture and Feed sectors in Egypt and Middle East, and it distributes about 7900 copies locally and internationally.

3- Gardens & Homes Magazine is a specialized magazine in Gardening, landscaping and décor world; it is published every two months in Arabic and English. It is considered as an important reference for all who are interested in gardens coordination as well as interior decoration. It introduces the scientific bases and defines each sector, and it distributes about 13760 copies locally and internationally.

4-Shams Annual agricultural book: it is the only specialized directory in Egypt that covers all the agricultural fields, comes out in Arabic and English.

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